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sgtrock1955 rudy r
eugene, OR, USA   USA
I just bought a 67 alpine and have a lot of questions. Im having electrical problems,wipers work, dash lights work, blower comes on (although i dont know what its for) and thats it motor turns over,is fuel pump electric? wheres a good place for parts? If anyone has any ideas i would like to hear your imputs thx

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Jimmyjo Avatar
Jimmyjo James Jordan
Newbury Park, CA, USA   USA
1967 Sunbeam Alpine "Sunny"
Hello Rudy,
Been on a 5 year restoration for my 67 Alpine. Hoping to get it started within the month. I've never driven the car as it was a basket case when I purchased it.
Will gladly share info with you.

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CJSalmons Avatar
CJSalmons Cliff Salmons
Northeast Iowa, USA   USA
1971 MG MGB "Miss Bea"
Hey JimmyJo! You posted on August 2 that you hoped to get it running within the month. Today is October 2. How's it going???? I can't hear it running from here! HAHAHAHA Just kidding. Haven't heard from you for a couple days. Hope you figured out the carbies. This forum doesn't seem to have much action on it for some reason. Hey, let me know what's up. Luv, Cliff and Kathy

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Jimmyjo Avatar
Jimmyjo James Jordan
Newbury Park, CA, USA   USA
1967 Sunbeam Alpine "Sunny"
Engine's running, Is it Sept. Yet. Let's call it very late Sept. or maybe very very late Sept. Been waiting on Clutch master and slave replacement. Hopefully tomorrow Dec. 10th, I'm going to get to drive it for the first time since owning it. Yes, it's been a challenge. More later.

Dec. 11, No, not driving it yet. Waiting on the mechanic now. You know how it goes, waiting on parts and it gets shoved to the back of the line and then they're busy with other cars. They tell me it will be this week. Is it like my Sept deadline? Hope not.

Did get it brought out of Non_Op status. Now has litigitmate license and restration to be able to drive it home legally. Honestly was thinking about slipping up the backroads but decided to go legal.

More later.

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oldenuff Joe Sheahan
Jacksonville, FL, USA   USA
Hello. Just discovered this site. I've been repairing a friend's '67 Series V since July 28. It arrived here "on the hook", as it had been sitting in here garage for 5 years +, wouldn't start, no brakes. It was only after I got her running that I discovered that the throwout bearing was shot. Anyway, she's all back together now, starts frighteningly well (i.e., ~ 2 seconds, literally). Everything's good, including the 800 lumen LED backup lights I added (it had none),; the brakes aren't quite right yet.
I just discovered last night that the alternator is producing 17V. This could be the regulator, but I'm picking up that it may also be connected incorrectly, a decided possibility. Can anyone help?

To jimmyjo, these carbs were so badly frozen with varnish that I had to beat them apart w/ brass punches. After rebuilding, they're working at least as good as new. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

This is the first Brit car I've ever worked on. Cut my teeth on 60's Volvos which got me through school in the 70s. They're similar enough (dual SU's,etc.) that I felt comfortable tackling the Beamer (my nickname for her). I always felt that Volvos were designed with the mechanic in mind. These cars, in marked contrast, were not designed at all, they just happened! Great insight into British culture.

Jimmyjo Avatar
Jimmyjo James Jordan
Newbury Park, CA, USA   USA
1967 Sunbeam Alpine "Sunny"
Welcome Joe,
Sounds like you've been very successful to bringing Beamer back to the road. I ended up putting all new brake components on, including a new Booster. Stops on a dime.
I am on the road finally. Well, the brake and turn signal lights aren't operating yet, but Sunny cruises around the neighborhood just fine. Engine fires right up and runs smooth. I have a little Putt Putt Putt in the exhaust at idle which I don't care fore so much. Will do a little compression checks etc. to see if there's anything there. Also even though they sound fine, I valve adjustment most likely wouldn't hurt.
Nice thing about it running and moving, now it's become a pleasure again to fix "little" things. You feel like you've acomplished something.
Had a lot of rattleing in the rear of the car, Original shocks, rubbers all deteriorated. New shocks made a huge difference.
Take care, more later.

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