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Pulling the V8 out of my or from the bottom?

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cobralee1 Ron Lee
Burbank, CA, USA   USA
I'm planning on pulling my V8 out of the Sunbeam...typically I would do this from the top....either engine only or with the trans attached. This is my first experience with a Sunbeam and I hear it might be easier from the bottom.

Can any of you having done this give me some helpful hints on which way is easier and would cause less potential for body damage?


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jimmc13 Avatar
jimmc13 Gold Member Jim McLaughlin
Fulton, MO, USA   USA
Read all first it is not entirely in order.
I restored my Mark 1a Tiger and installed my engine and transmission from the below. Four bolts remove the cross member after you disconnect the brake lines. Support both the engine/trans and the body separately. You will also have to remove the right side header or exhaust manifold after you disconnect the pipes. Loosen the engine mounts from the body and then raise up the body to clear the drive train. Pull the engine and trans out. Do not forget to remove the shifter from inside the car along with the speedo cable from the tail of the trans.
You can basically follow the Factory Manual, except give a lot of thought to what needs to be removed/disconnected to safely lift the body off the eng/trans. Think about this, you are not lifting any heavy and expensive load very high off the ground using this method. There are more detailed instructions available from CAT and Tigers United.

undo transmission/gearbox mount (all 4 bolts), removing the driveshaft makes it easier, disconnect speedo cable (one 7/16 retainer bolt), remove shifter from inside the car (2 bolts) remove headers and engine mount brackets, disconnect clutch slave hose, disconnect coolant temp sender, disconnect distributor wires, disconnect hoses to heater core, undo engine ground strap, disconnect starter motor, remove fan belt, fan and alternator/generator, removing the distributor cap and rotor helps a little too. Remove oil pressure gauge line. To further facilitate, steering column is often overlooked and it takes 30 seconds to loosen 3 bolts and pull it up out of the way.

drop engine a little and pull it forward out of the x frame. drop it further, lift car a little more (i use the engine crane which is not longer holding the engine to lift the car about another 6 inches of the axle stands), roll engine forward and out.
There is a lot here, make yourself a checklist to remove and cross off as you go, you do not want to forget anything.

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