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1961 Sunbeam Alpine II For Sale in Ohio. $4,000 [Indiana, USA]

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prepreludesh Avatar
prepreludesh Michael Frey
Greenwood, IN, USA   USA
My father purchased the car a few months before he passed away in July 2015 and has sat in my mother's garage ever since. A Sunbeam enthusiast/expert (Dan Seckel of Mansfield, OH) came over to examine the car in person and shared with us all the knowledge he has about this car.

Body Condition: The panels are remarkably straight for a vehicle this old. There is a dent on the very top of the rear driver's side "fin." The driver's side headlight is not currently installed on the car, but I do have it. The car came with the two chrome bumpers (front and rear) that are not attached on the car. The car also has the OEM hard-top that is removable. As the pictures show, it does not have glass where the rear windshield would be. Dan told us that the hardtop alone is worth close to $1500 to other Sunbeam enthusiasts. He said that although the lack of rear glass brings down the value a little bit, that there is a company that makes a lexan replacement window for it. The paint on the car was (90% certain) originally black. It is heavily oxidized, but has no obvious spots that are have paint missing or severely damaged. There is a silver racing stripe on the front hood and it runs to the rear bumper. I doubt it was originally part of the car. I personally looked under the car and noted that there is some rust, but not rusted-through spots. These are primarily around the footwells on the driver and passenger side. Dan told us that the condition of the body is great and that most collectors would flock to the car's body condition because it wouldn't require excess body work to bring up to show-quality condition. Also, it appears there is no bondo or fiberglass work that has ever been done on the car.

The front and rear bumpers (which are off of the car) are in great condition without any dents or dings and were still in very good shape, or could be easily re-chromed if I wanted. The most important attribute was a lack of rust on them.

Two black leather (vinyl?) seats are in good condition. Perhaps they were reupholstered at some point in their life. The passenger's seat has a tear on the back of the seat itself. The driver's seat is not properly bolted in, but I'm not sure if that is more to do with the absence of a seat bracket, or if it just bolts to the floor. Regardless, at 6'3", my dad and I both were surprisingly comfortable sitting in the car and finding the perfect driving position. The steering wheel is in very good condition and even comes with a somewhat-rare Sunbeam center cap. There is black carpeting throughout the cabin which is in fairly good condition, although I am unsure if it came like that from the factory. I say this because the area around the battery (which is located behind the passenger's seat inside of the car), the carpet is peeled away and some aftermarket sound-deadening seems to be added. It looks like "dynamat" without the brand labeling. Dan remarked that the presence of all of the gauges on the dashboard makes it a great find because most of the time owners will part these out prior to selling a car. But all gauges are present.

Engine: Dan told us that although the car is a Sunbeam Alpine II, that our car actually has a Alpine IV engine in it. This indicates that the engine was swapped at some point in its life. I also believe that makes it the 1.6L engine (instead of the 1.5L). The engine was witnessed to be in running condition when my dad was initially walking around with the owner, but shortly after the initial start-up (at the time of purchase) the water pump seized and some coolant began to leak out. The car was turned off very quickly and no head gasket damage is suspected. Aside from that, the radiator appears to be in great condition (which Dan told us can be valuable because of how rare they are). However, the bottom line is that the car is not currently in running condition.

Wheels and tires: From what I know, these are 13" offset wheels (I do not know the brand). The tires (Kelly Super Charger) are bias-ply and appear to have a decent amount of tread left, but the wheels are obviously non-authentic even though I personally think they go very well with the look and style of the car.

This is the extent of what I known about the car. Dan relayed to us that if he took this car home and repaired what needed repaired and brought the paint and trim back to life, that the value he could sell it for may be triple what it is worth now.

I'm planning on selling this car in the future as I personally have no plans or time to restore it and enjoy it. I am in the Army and the car is located with my mom in Ashland, Ohio (not Greenwood, IN, that's where I'm located now).

You can contact me at acurashawd@gmail.com to inquire more about it. I'll text you my phone number at that time.

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prepreludesh Avatar
prepreludesh Michael Frey
Greenwood, IN, USA   USA
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