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Skye Avatar
Skye Webmaster Skye Nott
Vancouver, BC, Canada   CAN
1964 Vespa VNB 125
1966 MG MGB "The Bomber RIP"
1983 Suzuki MC GS750E "Kate"
1986 Merkur XR4Ti "The Rally Car"    & more
Welcome to all New Members!

We're getting lots of new members every month, so if you've been lurking and not sure where to join, scroll down and reply below.

Tell us a little about yourself, your Sunbeam, your builds or plans, general interests, etc.

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Skye Nott

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Toyanvil Avatar
Toyanvil John A
Bakersfield, CA, USA   USA
My name is John, I have owned my Ser II for 37 years. In high school back in 1979 I installed a Datsun A14 and 4 speed from a 1975 B210. Last month I removed the Datsun and started installing a Miata motor and 5 trans.

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Prisoner6 Tom Shannon
Rochester, NH, USA   USA
1960 Sunbeam Alpine Fastback "Madeline"
1967 Rover P6
1969 MG MGC
1970 Jaguar X-Type "Rowena"    & more
I am Tom and live in NH, where there is a serious lack of Sunbeams. Last owned Sunbeam was a 1965 in college.
Mispent youth in West Hartford, where I grew up in a British car family. Current stable has 1969 MGC, 1979 Triumph
Spitfire, 1967 Rover 2000 TC, Rover 2000 SC, 2004 Jaguar X Type (daily driver) , lastly 1935 Horch. I do most of my own work and one of my interests is adding Smiths gauges to my cars as I don't trust idiot lights. If there is a smiths
gauge for it, I have it. It is surprising how many unusual Smiths there are.
Sadly the alpine was totaled by my girlfriend of the moment, and am currently looking to buy another.
Interests include being a seated clockmaker, trap shooting, and sightseeing

sifujim Jim Atherton
Solvang, CA, USA   USA
Hi, my name is Jim, have a history with the Rootes Group cars. I've owned numerous Alpines and Tigers. My background has been in SCCA and Can-Am racing. I was with the Budwieser Can-Am team for 3 years, With the Tiger racing operations out of So. Cal. I'm now retired and love to work on British sports cars. I am a mechanic that just enjoys internal combustion engines. Mr. Ian Garrad was a great supporter of our efforts, We also had a couple of Imps that we raced back in the day. My pet car was my '59 Humber Super Snipe with a Chevy 350 cid engine w/ powerglide. I am currently involved in a project 1963 Alpine Harrington Le Mans. (a true one) this car has been in storage for almost 50 years. I sold this car to an old friend who wanted a unique car after his tour in Viet Nam. He kept this car stored and really never drove it, he realized the rarity of this vehicle so he has finally decided to part with the car. A recent stroke has motivated the sale. Cuirrently we are going through and replacing all of the perished rubber bits, refurbishing the braking system servicing all of the fluids and making the car presentable. This vehicle is rust free all the bright work is there and nice.

I will be posting photos as soon as she is ready to be photographed. any serious inquiries will be considered.

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minicuda Terry C
Frederick, MD, USA   USA
Good day to all, my name is Terry. I have a 1970 Alpine GT. This car has been in my family since new and was put in storage back in 1972. It is now coming back to life and will be seeing the road after I fix a few things. This car is hard to find parts for and I will be seeking advice on where to go for parts. It is an original unrestored and doesn't need much, but as these projects go there is always the one thing that needs to be bettered. I will attach a picture or two as soon as I have it cleaned up.

Harrington Jan Avatar
Harrington Jan Jan Iggbom
BĂ„lsta, Uppland, Sweden   SWE
1962 Sunbeam Alpine "Harrington Le Mans"
1963 Sunbeam Alpine "The White One"
1963 Sunbeam Alpine "Golden Rocket"
1963 Sunbeam Alpine "The Red One"
Hi all,

My name is Jan Iggbom, I'm living in Sweden and been in the Sunbeam world since 1965 when I bought my first Alpine Serie 3 GT 15th Oct. A few years later I found a Harrington Le Mans for sale. Both cars are still in my garage. In 1989 another Alpine Serie 3 GT was purchased all in boxes, after four years it was ready for the road. In the nineties I was elected as Chairman in the Sw. Rootes Club. Around 2000 I came in contact with Ian Tipp City OH with same interest as I, subject "Harringtons". A few years later a web site was formed: , which is my daily workplace. I retired at the same time (2000) so my days are filled with Sunbeam-stuff. Two years ago another Harrington now a Serie D was bought from UK. Car is converted to Tiger standards.
If any of you know about a Harrington please let me know. I have listed approx 175 cars and 150 are confirmed and in the registers.

Thank you for accepting me as a member.

TomSunIVGT Avatar
TomSunIVGT Tom McVicker/T
Bay Village, OH, USA   USA
I've owned my 1964 Series IV GT Alpine since 1965, bought as a used car from someone who got married and traded it in on a Chevy Biscayne. It has been my work, college and Chicago work car traveling CLE to Chgo for a year when I bought a TR-6 from a private seller for more reliable transportation. I do light-weight work myself as is required to keep 'em on the road doing electrics and simple, like clutch slave cylinder replacements and gas tanks - twice on them! Sadly the frame is badly rusted but the Brit overbuilding of an "X" frame within a perimeter frame has kept the wheels in their places. I give RR tracks a lot of respect smiling smiley Currently, my issue is non-firing. I've had the starter replaced but while the motor quickly turns it does not light. I get a spark touching a plug wire to the block and spray dry gas down the two barrel carb.

2009 003.jpg    43.6 KB
2009 003.jpg

2009 008.jpg    57.1 KB
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2007Fall 001.jpg    62.5 KB
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Forthman Daniel Snyder
Madison, AL, USA   USA
Just getting started on my 1968 series V Alpine. It is my 4th Sunbeam Alpine. My first was a 1961 Alpine I bought for $50 when i was 15 years old.
The current Alpine is from Texas. Has some rust but overall not in too bad of shape. I have a spare engine and trans. I plan on doing a Chevy rod conversion on the spare engine. Like to make it a max hp build. My machine guy is an old NASCAR engine builder. He has never seen an Alpine engine and is eager to see what he can do with it.
As soon as I get into my new 3 car garage I will post some pictures.


carsareapain Avatar
carsareapain David Grant
Baltimore, MD, USA   USA
David, from Baltimore. ex-machinist/still have a lathe. Past cars, 68 Lemans Convertible 400High output/4speed/Posi, 69 Cutlass, MG1100, MGB/GT, 1970 911T, 61 TR-3, 1957 Yellowstone Travel Trailer->Solar etc (see for 6 mo. adventure). Just adopted a '68 Alpine. Filled w/fresh oil, test-ran from a bottle...time to start ordering parts! My wife loves the car, can't wait to drive it, loves the old-car smell back in the garage. Will need: Ammeter, front top grill trim, new seatbelts, brake and clutch hydraulic kits etc etc.

This car wont see rain or paint for awhile. Plan on brakes and drive it ugly a bit before disassembly. Write with advice, encouragement, parts or questions. (Any good shops, sources on East Coast, Balto, Philly, etc

13731058_10208489314364317_4928736621455453164_o[1].jpg    52.4 KB

minicuda Terry C
Frederick, MD, USA   USA

Nice to see another Sunbeam coming back to life. I have a GT, fastback model. I have been searching for parts and have come up with a nice list of parts suppliers around the world. Your car will be easier to redo than mine, more parts available here. Let me know and I can get a list together for you.

carsareapain Avatar
carsareapain David Grant
Baltimore, MD, USA   USA
Thanks for the Welcome. Its always nice to convene on these old projects. I get the need every few years when I notice my hands are too clean or I'm only working on friend's cars and daily drivers. These Brits can be relatively affordable and the folks who own them generally drive 'em and have a bit more of an open door than the Porsche Club when I had my '70 911T. Perhaps one day, I'll drive mine out to Catoctin area for a hike and meet you/your car/family. Meanwhile I ran mine from a funnel of fresh gas, so after complete brake re-do, I will drive it this Summer and or fall a bit on dry days (to avoid feeding the modest rot in the sills, floor and trunk).

Would love any lists of sources to add to the ones already growing. This is a LOT easier than in the '80's when sourcing bits for the MG1100, writing letters/parts inquiries to the U.K. eh' ?
David (

carsareapain Avatar
carsareapain David Grant
Baltimore, MD, USA   USA
Brief inventory goes on: Deck lid, hood, door skins; pretty good, sills; pretty good, floors; hold water (heehee). Car looks like someone was creating a "driver" but stopped work since 2012 (nice work, but I'd rather keep silicone sealers in the bathtub eh')

(oops, slipped in a pic from ~2010, "one of those expensive cars" being autocrossed)

IMG_20150707_094621877.jpg    25 KB

P7150023.JPG    68.7 KB
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P7150027 (1).JPG    38.7 KB
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P7150040.JPG    44.8 KB
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MiStarMan Ron J
Luna Pier, MI, USA   USA
I started with a '66 Tiger rolling chassis, media blasted and coated with weldable primer. have 1963 Alpine, mostly there, minus convertible assy. I have decided to use Alpine to make the Tiger I originally started out to build....hence Alpine drivetrain to sell plus a Tiger rolling chassis and quite a bit of fabrication to go....

dbduely Doug Boyd
Nevada, Las Vegas, USA   USA
Ha everybody my Doug Boyd l'm in Las Vegas Nv. Thinking about getting back into the sunbeams. Had a 65 quit a few years back so did my wife before we met. Was diesel mechanic for over 45 years. Has anyone ever put a 3.1 chevy in one and alpine? I'm not much of a ford fan and there's all kinds of these 2.8 to 3.4 of these 60 degree engines with a number of different Transmissions. Thanks

CRUZINdimwit Ray Green
Sacramento, CA, USA   USA
Greetings, Ray here from Sacramento. A week ago I bought a 62 for $100.00. Then bought a pair of chrome trim rings at TU38 and a grill. Today bought a 1960 motor for 150.00, I needed the carbs. It might run now. This car was wrecked and stored in 72.

I have a bunch of street rods and trucks.

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