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The Veg Ben L
Larryville, GA, USA   USA
1970 Lotus Elan +2 "Yelotus"
Hi all,
I don't own a Sunbeam* but I grew up around them- my dad had several, starting with a Series I that had been my mom's first new car before the two of them met. That's actually why I'm here. I got to wondering what happened to my dad's last Alpine (the sole survivor of his bunch). Of course I don't have a VIN or a license plate number or anything concrete, but I figured maybe, just maybe, if I described it enough, somebody recognise it, although honestly I'm not really expecting results. But anyway, here goes.

That last Alpine of my dad's was a '67 Series V, BRG with steel wheels. He was living in Georgia at the time he sold it, although I don't recall whether he was living in Milledgeville or Atlanta- he sold the car right around the time he moved from Milledgeville to Atlanta, which was in 1988. The car had a burnt spot on the bonnet from an engine-fire in the late '70s, and that fire actually sealed the deal for Dad to buy the car, oddly enough. It had a new top on at the time and also had a brake-problem (faulty booster? memory is foggy). Dad also had just about everything needed to do a restoration, probably included in the sale: a whole spare powertrain, new sets of carpet and upholstery still in boxes, the knock-on wire wheels and spindles from the old Series I, etc. My dad's name was Jerold L. and he was a psychologist at the state hospital, and also owned a pair of Alfa Romeos. His nickname for the green Alpine was Henrietta, although I doubt that he would have told the buyer that.

Does this ring a bell to anybody?

*But I do have an old Lotus.

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stevem444 Stephen Mueller
Edisto Beach, SC, USA   USA
Steve Mueller, Living in Rochester, NY and Edisto Beach SC. Just purchased 1962 Alpine, liking it more than my previous British junk. I also own:

1963 MB 230 SL I share my collection with my brother's: 1963 VW 21 window bus
1976 BMW 2002 1966 BMW 1600
1985 BMW 528e 1957 MB 190, w/ sunroof
1992 BMW 325i Convert. 1976 Ford Army Jeep
2001 Mazda Miata SE 19?? Miata

So we are addicts, much to the chagrin of our long suffering wives. I've previoiusly owned MG, Jaguar and Lotus Europa. British stuff.

Looking forward to participating in the club.

DustDevil Charles Ryff
Rio Rancho, NM, USA   USA
Hey Beamers! In 2015 I bought a '66 Alpine, stock 1725, and it sat for three years, barely running (this was my albatross and I let her sit, embarassed and defeated). I had low compression on all cylinders; I was thinking it had a slipped timing chain with a bad tensioner, giving me the low readings. I tried other stuff like oil to bring up compression (testing for bad rings), tried MMO (trying to unstick rings); nothing worked. Then I had a brain fart that lit up... I vaguely remember the seller (eBay) saying that he had replaced the head gasket. I just checked the head bolt torques and found several to be as low as 25 ft/lb!!! Well, there ya go. I torqued them up to 45 ft/lb (had to buy a go-around 5/8" wrench to torque the bolts under the rocker arm assembly). She fired right up! Major victory. But it bogs and lags on acceleration. I now suspect the vacuum advance. I will be vacuum testing it this week. Is the vacuum advance a replaceable part, or do I need to replace the whole distributor???
Info on this is scant. Any help is welcome. ~ Chuck

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TomSunIVGT Avatar
TomSunIVGT Tom McVicker/T
Bay Village, OH, USA   USA
Vacuum Advance issues.
First, great head tightening fix! Concerning your vacuum issues I would first try an easy fix by replacing the vacuum hose before any hard part replacement.

Pacerick Avatar
Pacerick Rick P
Parma, OH, USA   USA
My name is Rick. Family acquired a 64 Alpine as a barn find many years ago. Was restored in the seventies, but needs gone through again.

shonannaminori Avatar
shonannaminori Anthony A
A City...Somewhere, FL, USA   USA
Hi, I'm Anthony and I just recently stumbled into a 1962 Alpine. Drove it from the buyer's house with little issues, save for a rear end yammering at me the whole way back (telling me gear oil was needed). It was my first time in a Sunbeam since my dad had a Tiger waaaaaay back in the 1990s and the first time driving an Alpine ever (not including imagination time in the driver's seat of a flower pot as a kid).

The last Brit sports car I drove was a 1979 Midget and I was blown away how the Alpine rode so well for being a 56 year old car. The steering was heavy...but an inspection of the steering box revealed that gear oil was badly needed. My thought while steering was: oh shit, I need to hit the gym more to be able to drive my damn Healey when I get it back on the road.

She's not perfect, but the body is solid and the car hand handle its own in modern traffic; what else can one hope for (if you're not paying eBay prices).

DustDevil Charles Ryff
Rio Rancho, NM, USA   USA
Thanks Tom,

I discovered several things wrong... the vacuum advance was a bit gummed up; a little Liquid Wrench here and there and it freed up. I also discovered the points were set with a .030 gap!!! Previous owner was thinking 'spark plug gap'? (I'm surprised it ran at all!).Did a static timing of 8 degrees BTDC. A check with timing light showed the same advance at idle. I will check the vacuum hose this evening, as you suggested. I used mouth vacuum, and it did show some advance. the end of the vacuum hose is a bit flared out at the carburetor end, so I will cut it back, cutting off the flare. Chuck

61bugeye7273mg Avatar
61bugeye7273mg Silver Member Jeff Wagaman
Hanover, PA, USA   USA

My name is Jeff Wagaman. I’m 61 years old. I live in Hanover, Pa. My first car in 1973 was a 1963 or 1964 MG Midget, then I purchased a Triumph GT6 and on and on, it has been in my blood since.

I just purchased the 1967 Sunbeam Alpine series 5. I was going to resell but now seriously thinking about keeping it and making it into a decent driver. It looks decent but has some body filler in different places so as we all know I won’t know how good or bad the body really is until I start body work. Fortunately I enjoy that type of work. The frame and underside looks good. The top and interior are also good. The engine turns over and tries to start so I’ll have to see what’s up with that. Any suggestions or thought with improvements, parts, wheels, tires etc. . . Would be helpful.

Thanks in advance and I enjoy the forum!


Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 2018-07-11 08:34 AM by 61bugeye7273mg.

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TomSunIVGT Avatar
TomSunIVGT Tom McVicker/T
Bay Village, OH, USA   USA
.30 gap: I was so surprised last year when I had the rotors turned and the mechanic took it upon himself to “tune it” with a set of plugs...... gapped at .30. Reading on that subject there is some aberrant schools of though thinking that gives better performance with a bigger spark. Ahh-huh, I adjusted them to specs at .25.

TomSunIVGT Avatar
TomSunIVGT Tom McVicker/T
Bay Village, OH, USA   USA
Your car looks great! Very solid. My frame is badly rusted from being a college and work car for its first ten years then living under MG Mitten car covers for thirty years. I bought it one year used in 1965. Anyhow, I recommend to refrain from trying to use the hand crank to start it. When mine was a couple years old I got it to cough but not start. However, the crank end plugs into the fan pulley. I did manage to losen that enough to hear then see the pulley fly off watching it in my mirror. Never again.

jjmcg Avatar
jjmcg John McGurran
Vicitoria, BC, Canada   CAN
John here; I am in Victoria BC Canada. Just acquired a 1967 Alpine, nice shade of red but was originally white. Previous owners have been good to her. Need to address the gas smell, possibly originating when the mechanical fuel pump was replaced. Time will tell. It's a solid driver and I plan to keep to that way.

IMG_6002.jpg    48 KB

tvrgeek Avatar
tvrgeek Silver Member Scott S
Hillsborough, North Carolinia, USA   USA
1965 MG MGB
OK, new to the Alpine forum. Not new to an Alpine YET. It is one of the finalists in my "last project for an old guy". Been into LBC's since a kid. Dad had an A and a 3000. My first one was a Saab Sonnet. Yes, it was actually assembled by Jensen as were many P1800's. I have owned a 74 TVR , 64 Morgan, 88 Spit, 63 MGA, 74 B GT and now drive a 65 B roadster.
I am attracted to the Alpine as it is just a little larger, so room for her luggage overnight, also room for a 2.8 AOD and AC. Auto I must have for my old knees, AC I was informed we must have. I am also considering a Stag with similar mods, or an Avanti. Yea old Studebaker, but I just love the design. The Alpine is a lot better car. I have always known it was

My expertise is in electronics and one of my hobbies is ignition systems. I am a retired computer scientist, woodworker, and inventor. I moved to NC where people wave to you on the street and use all five fingers. Not like Maryland where one is predominant.

TigerDan Avatar
TigerDan Silver Member Dan Richardson
Greenwood, SC, USA   USA
1967 Sunbeam Alpine "Blue Boy"
1967 Sunbeam Alpine "Commodore Blue"
Scott you missed one very nice ingredient of the "modern" car.... Electric power steering (EPS)....for your Alpine


'67 SV Commodore Blue V6
Restored & Modified w/2.8 V6 FORD, T5, A/C & Electric Power Steering
Tiger2Dan’s Link: ​ ​
PDF file on Converting your Alpine:

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